Picnic is short distance drive at a place with scenic beauty with pleasant surroundings, cookout meal and amusement activities to entertain. These all activities are planned for a nice change in the mood for the family. One can plan it to share some intimate moments with near and dear ones or colleagues or the newly recruited staff.

These can be accompanied by outdoor games and some form of entertainment like light-hearted antakshri, eye-spy, fun games etc. These can also be arranged for amusement of the group of couples, like minded people from a community, religion or organization or a college. Picnic can take a shape for corporate, college students, housewives, senior citizens.

Corporate Picnic Fest can be fun filled discussion day for the forthcoming week, month or quarter. A bunch of activities can be planned to make the fest more and more attractive.

This can be an ideal day out for a team after a long phase of hectic work and to phase out the distance between the team mates that can cause friction. So plan a day out with us to take a toast for

• Leadership & Team-work

• Empowerment

• Trust building measures

This result in

• Boosting self confidence

• Increase of the cohesive bonding

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